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Nick and selena dating

I want him to be happy." Lovato makes it known she's selective when it comes to setting up her "Jealous" best friend, who ended a long-term relationship with Olivia Culpa in June."People joke, but I also, like, I don't really take it seriously because sometimes the people that are joking just don't really have a chance," she added.

As Nick and Demi climbed into the car, James got right down to business as soon, asking the besties to give him the rundown of their intertangled Disney Channel love lives.Seven years ago, Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas once dated as a perfect Disney pop union.Although that spark faded out years ago, some still hold onto the hope that the two will find their way back to one in another in their heightened fame.Longtime best friend of the two singers, Demi Lovato, has even weighed in on the subject.Gomez and Jonas were spotted together recently after they "ran into each other" and grabbed dinner with a gathering of friends.Demi wasn't in the hot seat long, revealing she only dated Nick's brother Joe (who could forget? But things got awkward when they turned to Nick's dating history, because according to Demi, he went from dating Miley Cyrus, to Selena Gomez, back to Miley, then back to Selena!

Basically, Disney Channel had every typical high school's romance drama. pause when you look into each other's eyes and go, 'We aren't going to do this, are we? "I don't know if you noticed, but I kinda go for older guys." Haha. Because she's been dating 36-year-old Wilmer Valderrama for six years?

James asked if Nick and Demi ever hooked up since clearly, they get along (they've been friends for 10 years now). Then talks turned to Nick's purity ring and why he doesn't wear it anymore.

When they were seen getting close and chatty during a VMA after-party, rumors kicked in that the two had reunited as an item.

Sending those rumors into high gear, Jonas alludes to the "Good For You" singer in his latest track "Area Code." "You say I never been good for you / You can't deny I gave it good to you," he sings, dropping hints that he could be talking about his ex-girlfriend, who recently dropped the sizzling single "Good for You." Hinting further that the theory could be correct, Jonas favorited two tweets claiming the song is about Gomez.

If there's one person who can debunk the rumors, its their mutual bestie Demi Lovato. " Demi told Capital FM about Jonas and Gomez dating.

The "Cool For The Summer" singer and Jonas go way back to their Disney channel days while it seems she and Gomez recently rekindled a long-time friendship, MTV News notes. "Listen, if I have an opinion on something, I would say it.

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