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Upon your initial visit we sit down and discuss your medical history, lifestyle and influencing factors (work/home life etc).

Actividades Las principales actividades de la ventanilla son: • Proveer un servicio informativo y de orientación sobre el sistema universitario italiano y sobre la oferta didáctica y de investigación de las universidades del CUIA;• Difundir las actividades y los programas universitarios italianos y europeos, con particular referencia a las oportunidades de financiamiento, estudio e investigación ofrecidas por el CUIA;• Promover los programas de cooperación universitaria italianos y europeos con Argentina;• Asistir a nivel general a los interesados en participar de los programas universitarios italianos y europeos;• Realizar sesiones informativas (llamadas info-day) en las universidades argentinas y otros entes.The word “Nakoda” means “peaceful place” or “place of peace” in the language of the traditional people of North America, the Stoney Nation.These people have such a quiet way about them, their enduring homelands are so silent and peaceful, their belief systems so in tune with nature, that the whole essence of the word Nakoda resounds in my ears and reminds me that we should all strive to live in harmony with nature, and to find our own “place of peace” in our lives.In tune with this basic philosophy I decided to start up the Nakoda Healing Centre, as a way to help others to find their place of peace in their lives, their way to live in harmony with the forces around them, to help them find their way to heal themselves.Nakoda Healing Centre is based in Jimboomba 25 minutes north of Beaudesert and 45 minutes south of the Logan City town centre.Nestled on 2.5 acres of old farm land, the healing centre backs onto a conservation reserve, where wallabies, kangaroo’s and birdlife abound.

Where nature lies dormant during the dry season, but springs to life with abundance once the rains come and fill the wetlands which are polka dotted across the reserve.

Here you can relax in this bushland setting, on the wide veranda of this federation style home and enjoy the tranquillity of the Australian bushland.

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Objetivo La ventanilla, operativa en la Sede de Buenos Aires del CUIA, brinda un servicio de información sobre los programas universitarios italianos y europeos, con el fin de promover la movilidad de estudiantes, investigadores y docentes con las universidades italianas y europeas.

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